HP Notebook Computer battery recall

June 22nd, 2016

HP has recalled batteries sold within a range of its consumer and business notebooks over concerns the device could catch on fire. The worldwide voluntary safely recall and replacement program for certain notebook computer batteries was announced on June 14th, find out now if you are affected and what steps you need to take.

How exposed are your passwords, therefore your business?

June 8th, 2016

Password “brett1” would take 54 milliseconds’ to crack, “brett123” a minute and “brett2016” only 42 minutes.

Password scams are real, here is a real life example…

Every IT technician gets the call at some time…

A good friend of 10 years called me after his wife had been victim to a telephone scam.

Ransomware Micro-Webinar!

March 9th, 2016

Ransomware cyber criminals can hold your business, data, and bank accounts hostage until you meet their financial demands. Join our Director and Security Specialist Martin Thurgate as he discusses the growing threat of ransomware, and how you can protect your organisation from business-ending or brand-damaging ransomware attacks.

Exciting times for Diamond!

October 20th, 2014

There has been a lot happening at Diamond HQ lately. Our continued growth has led to us being considered one of the leading ICT MSP’s – not only in our region – but in Australia. Our recent accolade as a finalist in the ARN Industry Awards is certainly testimony to this.