Employee Spotlight

March 7th, 2016

2016Feb24_Office365_ADiamond actively recruits and keeps the best ICT brains in the market. Our staff are recognised industry leaders, innovators and all round impressive people who all have great stories to share.

We’d like you to meet our Telstra Solutions Specialist and Admin star Helen Gay!

1. What is your role at Diamond?

My role at Diamond is varied. I manage Telstra accounts for our corporate and enterprise customers covering both mobiles and fixed lines. I also have a role in sales administration.

2. What do you like most about working at Diamond?

The ability to work in a variety of roles that give me the opportunity to move into areas I have never worked in before. Also getting to learn a new skill set which keeps me on my toes and keeps the mind active. The people you work with are also important and Diamond have the capability to be a large company but also have the ability to make the staff feel like part of a family.

3. Why did you choose to enter the field?

The field really chose me as I had previous Telstra training which was initially the role that was required to be filled the other roles have grown over my time with the company.

4. If you could meet anyone, living or dead who would you choose?

The person I would choose unfortunately is dead and it would have to be Ayrton Senna (Brazilian F1 driver). His drive, passion, dedication and work ethic to give 110% in all that he did would make him a fascinating person to talk to and to draw inspiration from his life.

5. People would be surprised to know….

That I am a Formula 1 fanatic (see question 4), that I am a huge fan of NFL and that I have represented Australia in clay target shooting and at one stage was 4th in the world.

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