More Innovation in Aged Care from Maroba

July 16th, 2014


When Maroba’s CEO Viv Allanson saw the CommBox 75” HD Touchscreen display at Diamond recently, she didn’t just see a great tool for her business…she saw a device that could be used to engage both the minds and bodies of her residents.

Maroba are renowned as a provider of quality aged care services, and the organisation is always on the look out for clever ways to improve the daily lives of the residents. Viv had a number of questions around how the touch capabilities of the screen could be utilised for activities, and if it was compatible with games, such as the Wii or X-Box.

“I just saw the potential for residents to exercise their minds and bodies, and more importantly, to simply have some fun…” recalls Viv. “…from the boardroom to staff development to the activities lounge…we’ll definitely get a great return for our investment in CommBox…!”

Those ideas became reality this month when our techs delivered and set up the CommBox touch screen in conjunction with a local PC and X-Box. There are a host of PC based activities that can be used with the touch screen, whilst the X-Box Kinect allows the residents to play fun games from simply standing (or sitting) opposite the display.

Residents got their first taste of the equipment this week, where the X-Box Kinect games were a resounding success!

Diamond is looking forward to more feedback as to the success of the system as the year progresses.

To find out more about CommBox and the interactive screens they have available please click here.

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